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When it comes to buying products online, it’s recommended that you do your own research. This also means purchasing any products or services offered or advertised on our website. Unless we’ve stated otherwise, you should at all times presume that when products are referenced to, it’s due to the fact that there exists a financial relationship between the webmaster and the providers of the products and services displayed.


Several links on GOOD, FAIR, DEPENDABLE AND COMPLETE are affiliate advertisement links. This means that a specific tracking code is embedded in the link and that I will therefore make a small commission on the sale of an item if you buy after clicking any of such links.As a buyer, you don’t pay more using an affiliate link, the price remains exactly the same for you all of the time.

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Testimonials and Reviews

Where quotations have been shown from other observers, message boards, and other user feedback, these are not indicative of verifiable findings. All viewers are cautioned to conduct their own searches prior to making a purchase shown on this site.

Our goal is to be totally truthful all of the time. However, if you find something listed on this site, which you don’t agree with, please get in touch with us immediately and we’ll check it. We reserve the right to withdraw the display of any product that does not have our very high level of satisfaction immediately. Any honesty and truthfulness is key to us.

The people of this website will always recommend products and services based on the belief that the supply of such products will benefit the customer obtaining it. The webmaster has good faith belief, because he/she has either tried out the products prior to giving any recommendations, or the owners have studied the items based on the manufacturer’s background. The recommendations for the products or services are sincere feelings based on facts known to the owner at the time a service or product is mentioned on the site. The owner of this site has conducted all things possible to check the testimonials that appear on this site. They’re seen as typical user satisfaction according to the information that was available at the moment of publishing them. Reviews were made to validate their veracity every time. If a statement sounds not true then the owners of this site regard this like that and don’t submit this on the website.

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