The 5 Best Types of Fitness Equipment You Can Get For Your Small Apartment

Living spaces nowadays get smaller and smaller. While the world is still big enough to be home to over 7.4 billion human beings, a large number of individuals choose to live in overcrowded and congested cities where they can be close to work. No matter how times have changed and how technology has helped the way of living evolve, and no matter where you choose to live, you can’t sacrifice what your body needs to keep you healthy and strong – a balanced diet and regular exercise.

If you live in a small apartment in a busy city, you might have plenty of excuses to skip workout sessions. Gym memberships are pricey and jogging around your neighborhood might not be the best option. However, as the saying goes – if there’s a will, there’s a way. Get rid of all those excuses and it’s time to realize that no matter how small your living space is, you can still make room for at least one fitness equipment in your apartment. In fact, you can exercise without any fitness equipment except for an exercise or yoga mat where you can do sit ups, pushups, planks and more. But if you must get a fitness equipment to help you to increase the results of your workout, here are some of the best options you can get. By the way, it is good to mention that investing on your own fitness equipment can be more affordable and practical in the long run compared to purchasing gym memberships.

Note: Some of these are available in foldable and smaller models for easy storage. Check the dimensions and instructions on how to store prior to purchasing.

1. Indoor Bike – This is probably the first and foremost option of most people who are looking for small fitness equipment that can fit even in tiny spaces. An indoor bike will give you your much needed energy-boost for the day while working out your legs pretty well.

2. Elliptical Machine – An elliptical machine seems to be quite large but there are some smaller models that work quite the same. It is rare for one to find a foldable elliptical machine though, so if you choose to get it, it’s best to look for one with tiny wheels on the bottom so you can easily store it by moving it to the side of your apartment when not in use.

home rower3. Rowing Machine – The rowing machine is quite large too; however, you can easily find foldable models or those that can be rolled easily under the bed when not in use. The best part about a rowing machine though is that it gives you a full body workout – as if you’re lifting weights while working out your legs. You can achieve abs and a well sculpted body by using the rowing machine daily.

4. Treadmill – It is quite easy to find foldable models of the treadmill. These come quite cheap too especially if you get the manual, non-electronic ones.

5. Weights – Weights can get pretty tiny but heavy so you can expect a good workout each time!

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Ways to Increase the Results of Your Workout

Heart Rate MonitorStaying fit and maintaining a perfectly healthy and good looking body is not an easy task, you have to make a lot of changes in your diet as well as in your daily routine. Whether you go to the gym or do the workouts in your own home or apartment, there are certain ways that can improve the results of your workouts.

The following are some of them:

  1. Consistency - you have to make sure that you follow a certain time schedule and workout pattern on regular basis. It has been proven that a 60 minute of workout is good enough for an average person to achieve the desired fitness goals. You can split this hour into various sections and do different workouts depending on your needs, but make sure to do them on regular basis without missing any day.
  2. Proper Postures - if you are new to workouts it is best you take guidance from experts or hire a trainer to make sure you are doing your workouts in the right posture. If you do them in the wrong postures, chances are that you may suffer from various injuries or muscle pains. You may also not be able to get the desired results, if you do not do your workouts in the right postures.
  3. Listening To Music - it is a known fact that you need some sort of motivation to keep on doing your weight lifting or any other kind of workout activity, and what better way to keep you motivated than to listen to the music you like. You can use your smart phone, an MP3 or MP4 player and listen to the music you like in your headphone, so that others may not get disturbed. There are so many different shapes and sizes of headphones you can use that do not hinder in any way on your workout activity. For more convenience you can use the headphone having Bluetooth technology eliminating the need for the wired ones.
  4. Monitoring your workouts - another great gadget to make sure you get maximum results from your workouts is the use of heart rate monitors. These heart rate monitors are good devices to monitor your heart rate, pulse rate, calorie consumption and record it on a database for later retrieval. You can have a better exercise whether you workout is heading in the right direction by using these heart rate monitors.