The Home of the Future, Today: Five Great Exponents of Smart Home Technologies

Smart Home Technologies2016 saw a meteoric rise of the smart home technology that revolutionized people’s lifestyles. And the trend looks to continue ever so stronger in the coming years, with new developments on the rise amost every month. It’s as though there was a great arms race in the realm of who can come up with the latest “smart” gadget.

With more ventures on the way, the future of smart technology appears to be bright and exciting. Smart home devices enable people to take charge of their thermostat, lighting, HVAC system and even the crockpots and refrigerators remotely. The choices are endless and depend on someone’s spending ability and needs. With this in mind, here are some of the 5 of the latest smart technologies for your home you just need to have in your modern home – all of which came out in the recently-concluded year, give or take a few.


Ecobee is a smart thermostat company that offers people devices and products that can control temperature levels at home through a Smartphone app. Ecobee is not the first company of its kind to provide this service. However, it is the first thermostat embedded with room sensors that allow you to identify the coldest and warmest spots of your house.

Amazon Echo

This is a voice activated home speaker system that is both elegant in design and practical and functional at the same time. The system has a number of microphones integrated within as well as advanced noise canceling features that separate it from others like it. The Echo has a powerful speech sensor that delivers a high level of accuracy when it comes to speech recognition. The system is easy to install, and one can connect to the speaker’s wifi system on the phone or tablet.

Lifx Color 1000

When it comes to color changing bulbs, Lifx is definitely one of the most innovative companies in the sector. Lifx is not only efficient, but it provides you with clarity and more brightness compared to competing companies. It is compatible with Nest thermostats and the Amazon Echo speaker. The bulbs link with one another through wifi which eliminates the need for a hub or a starter kit before purchase.


Edyn is specifically created for gardeners, and it utilizes smart sensors to keep track of your garden when you are not close by. The sensors keep a record of the humidity, temperature, nutrition of the soil and moisture levels and send the information to your phone. They also give you information on the best activities to get your plants blooming.


Petcube monitors your pets while you are away. The camera enables the pet and the owner to interact. It also has other amazing features such as the laser pointer that lets you play with your pet even when you are away.

And that’s just a few of the myriad of options for smart home technologies – there are literally thousands more waiting to just hit the markets. If you want to keep abreast of what’s going on with the latest, the Smart Future has everything covered. If you’re serious about your smart devices, then you need to see this site – we guarantee hours of pleasure looking through the latest technologies you can shake a stick at.

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