The Proper Way to Select the Right Dehumidifier

Friedrich D50AP DehumidifierWe all know a dehumidifier is known to maintain humidity level in your home, which is especially useful if you are living near a coastal region. Too much moisture can be damaging to the health as it can trigger allergies and asthma. Furthermore, it can damage household items and cause molds. Experts recommend setting the relative humidity to 50% during the summer months. In winter months, it is okay to set it at 30% RH.

Is it a necessity?

It is not absolute necessary that you install a dehumidifier in your house. However, if you want to reduce musty odor or prevent damages caused by too much moisture, then you should consider having it in your home. Even if you already have home air conditioning, you may still need a dehumidifier. Basements and laundry areas may need this type of appliance to reduce stale odor.

How to select the right dehumidifier?

Once you have decided that you need it in your home, you need to consider several factors to help you purchase the best dehumidifier of 2014. One of the things you must think about is the area you wish to install the appliance. If you want to place it in a moderately damp area, then consider getting larger-sized unit. Larger units can easily remove moisture and they have bigger reservoir to carry the collected water.

Then, you also have to consider the method the appliance will use in removing the water it has collected. Modern units have a direct drain feature, which allows continuous operation without you having to empty the bucket. If you do not like emptying the unit’s bucket repeatedly, consider purchasing a unit with this feature.

And make sure that you choose a unit that consumes least amount of power.

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